Below is a list of compatible wheelchair models and companies that provide them.

The neo’s unique telescopic width adjustment and stainless steel construction ensure durability, longevity and re-usablity.  It is extremely popular with NHS Wheelchair services and Companies providing specialist seating and wheel-base solutions.​neo is ideal to be used with a wide range of custom seating options and interfaces, and comes complete with a range of affordable accessories.


The Super car feel, the bright lights, that special feeling that special kids deserve... The basis of the design is the well proven concept of a 600mm x 600mm wheelbase with the batteries stowed very low to the ground. This gives unrivalled stability – terrific peace of mind for parents of crazy drivers. With a complete modular supportive system we can tailor the Seating to each individual user and design a drive system that works for them.Available in a range of colours – with bespoke colours available at a cost – the Mustang can also be presented with the ‘Powered by Fairy Dust’ image – one for the girls!