Responsive air cells

Aergo PS' core technology is a network of smart air cells that continuously hug you into a healthy posture.

The system continuously checks for postural alignment as you move throughout the day. As you begin to shift away from your prescribed position, the air cells will self-adjust to put you back in a healthy position.
Critical postural support areas

6 air cells in total

We've worked with experts on defining the locations and sizes of our unique air cells. Each air cell can be easily set up with Aergo PS' dedicated remote control, and our pressure sensitive features ensure the support levels are maintained throughout the day.

Automated postural management

Aergo PS continuously hugs you into a comfortable and healthy position.

Our smart air cells constantly monitor your sitting posture to ensure you are well supported throughout the day.

Available on both iOS and Android devices including tablets.

Introducing Aergo
Digital Postural Management platform

Control the Aergo PS easily via our app, and enable clinicians to remotely set up postural support levels through our clinician web portal. To learn more and give it a go, book an online demo with with our team.