fully aDAPTIVE system that grows with you

Aergo PS is easily adjustable to accommodate a range of body shapes and sizes. Together with our air cells, we are make customisation accessible and affordable to your needs.
Designed to support

Highly adjustable frame

The frame of Aergo PS is easily adjustable and customisable for various body shapes and sizes. The lateral and thigh supports can be expanded and flexibly positioned to achieve tailored configuration. The backrest reclines to accomodate various sitting posture.

Compatible with a range of wheelchairs

A fully transferable seating system

For both powered and manual wheelchairs, Aergo PS can be installed on a range of wheelbases. We want you to be comfortably supported in any activity you are engaged in.


Machine washable, breathable, and antimicrobial.

Aergo PS outer cover is removable and machine washable at 40 degrees. The inner cover is antimicrobial and can be wipe cleaned with antibacterial wipes.

Product specification

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